Return to the Forbidden Planet

Spring 2019

Directed by Ian Worsfold & Simon Ockenden

Step aboard the space craft Albatross. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for VAMPS’ production of The Return of the Forbidden Planet. Bob Carlton’s Olivier-award-winning musical perfectly aligns the stars. The show combines Shakespeare’s Tempest and the 1956 Sci-fi classic film Forbidden Planet, which features Rock ‘n’ Roll hits of the 50s & 60s like “Monster Mash”, “Great Balls of Fire”, “Good Vibrations”, and many more.

Return of the Forbidden Planet sees Captain Tempest and his crew’s routine scientific mission grounded to an unexpected halt on an uncharted planet D’lllyria. The only occupants are the mad scientist Doctor Prospero, his daughter Miranda and their robot Ariel. Banished fifteen years ago, Miranda knows no other world than her desolate planet she calls home. The crew and their ideas are about to change for good as unexpected love triangles, a roller-skating robot, and a tentacled beast all grip you to your seat through thrusts, polarity and gravitational giggles.


Captain Tempest

Rowan Marshall

Dr Prospero

Keith Jenkinson


Katie Kitson


Gavin Manning

Science Officer

Natasha Woodcraft

Bosun Arras

Peta Riley

Navigation Officer

Becky Chisem


Kimberley Phillips Arnott


Simon Ockenden

Ensign Jock E Schwartz

Daniel Benning

Ensign Erica Trition

Kathryn Duncan

Ensign Rae Gunn

Charlotte Phillips-Clarke



Ian Worsfold
Simon Ockenden

Musical Director

Alana Thackray

Stage Manager

Jo Hall

Lighting & Sound

Matt Oram
Tim Powers
Sam Smith
Jack Worsfold

Set Design

Matt Oram
Jo Hall

Marketing Lead

Katherine Evans

Marketing Team

Allie Kidman
Gavin Manning
Paul Riddy

VAMPS of St Neots